Grand Wind Park

  • WBA Energy doo presents a 270MW wind farm project in Kačarevo andBanatsko Novo Selo, Municipality of Pančevo, which has been identified as the most promising location as regards utilization of wind potential for the purpose of electricity generation. The wind farm is located about 35km north east of Belgrade town, the capital of Serbia.
  • The Project location is in the south Banat region of the autonomous province of Vojvodina in Serbia. A characteristic wind of this region known as Košava blows mostly from the southeast in autumn and winter.
  • The wind farm is envisaged to include maximum 47 wind turbine generators (WTGs). A final WTG supplier hasn’t been chosen yet.
  • The chosen terrain is flat and without any obstacles such as forests, buildings, etc., which makes it advantageous in the utilization of low intensity winds.
  • The location is very close to the 400 kV transmission line.
  • The location has all the necessary infrastructure for establishing wind farms such as roads, proximity to the port of Pančevo, etc.
  • There are no households in the vicinity of the site, so there will be no negative effects like noise, vibration, etc. on the local population.
  • The wind data has been collecting at 125 m wind mast since February. Based on the collected data, it is concluded that there is a very favorable wind potential.
Project Specification
    Kačarevo i Bantasko Novo Selo, opština Pančevo
    270 MW
    max 47
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